Our Team

Eno Magazine is run by Duke University students and staff. It is an official graduate school club of the Nicholas School of the Environment. 

Meet our 2017-2018 Editors:


Caitlyn Cooper

I care about the arts because it has always been a zen activity that helps me relax. Whether I’m walking through a museum, reading a short story, or creating something of my own – it always helps bring me peace and enjoyment.

From: Tennessee, USA

Program: Master of Environmental Management
Study: Ecosystem Science and Conservation


Hayley Hanway

When I wasn’t running barefoot through towering white pine forests or napping on the sandy shores of Lake Michigan, I was trying very hard not to sneeze in the backstage of a theatre. Today, I’m a scientist, who hopes to use her artistic passion to  inspire and educate others about the environment.

From: Michigan, USA
(Go Blue!)

Program: Master of Environmental Management
Study: Ecosystem Science and Conservation



Sarah Poulin

Documenting the beauty of our lands and our oceans are ways to share the wonders of the natural world with others in hopes to inspire them to care and protect it with us.

From: Massachusetts, USA

Program: Master of Environmental Management
Study: Coastal Environmental Management


Meet our 2017-2018 Staff:

Sneha Balasubramanian

Sneha Balasubramanian

I’ve enjoyed the written word for as long as I can remember. From this, stemmed my inclination for creative writing and my appreciation for the power of language. Eno Magazine represents my first formal foray into an all-English magazine – a big change from being the only native English-speaker at my previous magazine in Hong Kong! My creative muscles haven’t been flexed in a while and is a part of me that I have yet to fully explore. I’m looking forward to helping make Eno an outlet for all and a medium to connect with nature.

From: Hyderabad, India

Program: Master of Environmental Management
Study: Business and Environment


Jimmy MacCarthy

I started studying environmental science because I was fascinated by nature and wanted to learn more about the world around me. Despite my passion for the subject, I struggled to find a way to share my experiences until I started carrying around a camera. Photography not only gave me another reason to get outside, but also allowed me to share my passion for the environment with others. Whether it’s a photograph of a rare bird stopping along their migratory route or a squirrel trying to steal some bird seed, photography allows me express my creative spirit and share my passion for the environment with others.

From: Virginia, USA

Program: Master of Environmental Management
Study: Ecosystem Science and Conservation

Cameron Oglesby

Cameron Oglesby

My art and writing were a means of escape. It was simple and expressive and gave me a much-needed reprieve from all the stress of classes and extracurriculars and my goals to make a difference in my community and, with time, throughout the world. I found it fun to see the finished product, to find my artistic style developing, and my skills growing as a practiced. Taking part in the arts was a much-welcomed outlet for the creativity that I haven’t been able to express as often with the pursuit of science. It is crucial that we inform people about the importance of keeping this planet healthy. I’ve always felt that art was a great and relatable way to get that message out, and I feel honored to be able to take part in this process.

From: Virginia, USA

Program: Undergraduate  Major: Environmental Science with an Ecology Focus
Minor: Earth and Ocean Sciences
Minor: Studio Art.

Sunny Qiao

Sunny Qiao

Through art, we are able to record the fleeting moments/good things in our life and appreciate them later again. Art forms – such as photography or painting –  when focused on nature, help me find inner peace and joy, and – more importantly – make me respect our mother nature even more.

Program: Master of Environmental Management; Master of Forestry

From: Beijing, China

Apoorva Sahay

Apoorva Sahay

Eno brings together culture, activism and the environment through the medium of art, poetry and stories. The publication is a way for me to connect with a community of like-minded people and be inspired by the way they are responding to the unfolding climate change story in creative ways.

Program: Master of Environmental Management
Study: Water

From: India

Meet Our Staff Advisors

Ann Thurston

Associate Director, Development Services & Corporate Engagement

Office of Development and Alumni Relations


Rebecca Vidra

Senior Lecturer

Director, Duke Environmental Leadership Program

Primary Appointment: Environmental Science & Policy Division