Eno is about connecting with the natural world through artistic media.

What can I submit?

Poems, short stories, essays, photos, and images of work such as ceramics, paintings, drawings, wire sculptor, etc. are all accepted, so long as they are related to the natural environment in some way. Be creative!

Guidelines for submission

All entries must be your own work.

Short stories, Essays, Poems

Less than 1,000 words

Photos and photos of work

Please provide high quality photographs or high quality scanned images. If you have issues submitting through our online application, please e-mail us the image along with your info to enosubmissions@gmail.com

Who can submit?

Anyone! Eno welcomes submissions from everyone, not just those associated with Duke.

When do I submit?

You may submit at any time. Our deadline for the 8th issue is February 22th, 2019. Submissions entered into our “Best Of” competition for each category are due January 18th, 2019.

How do I submit?

Fill out our application here.

When will I hear if my work has been accepted?

Notifications will go out by mid-March 2019.

Do you pay people to write?

No, submitters provide their work for free.

What is Eno’s legal policy regarding rights?

While Eno will receive rights to use your work for any current and future promotional materials, you will always receive credit. Additionally, you maintain your rights to use your work in the future as well. This means that Eno does not restrict you from publishing your work in other outlets. However, you should always check with the organization, as they may have policies against accepting work that has already been published.

How much is a magazine?

Our magazine is free of charge and also available online here.