Male Extra Reviews

Do you want to enlarge your penis size? Have you used several enlargement products without getting desired results? If your answers to the above questions are yes, then this article is specifically designed for you. There are many male enlargement products in the market today promising their clients all kinds of benefits. But did you know that a large percentage of these products does not work?

So, is there any enlargement product available on the market that can deliver results?

Some of these products only work based on customer reviews and websites. Male Extra is one of the enlargement products which promises to enlarge the size of your penis magically within six months. Yes, Only six months! Many medical tests prove that it works. However, this article will differentiate the claims versus what the product delivers in the market. The Question still stands. Does Male Extra really Work? How the Male Extra supplement Work

This is an enlargement pill that you can take without obtaining a prescription from your doctor. It helps men maintain a harder erection.Understanding how the supplement works will give you a good picture why the supplement works.Ingredients used in making Male extra supplement

The supplement is manufactured using powerful ingredients that enhance its efficiency as discussed below;


This is one of the active ingredients used in the supplement that has the ability to prevent erectile dysfunction in men.

-Pomegranate Ellagic Acid

This is anti-oxidant that helps the flow of blood to the penis making it possible to maintain an erection.


This ingredient boosts the production of testosterone that helps to improve sexual performance in men.


This is another ingredient that has the ability to boost sexual drive in men.Benefits of Male Extra Supplements to its Consumers

The male Extra supplement is not only a penis enlargement product but also an enhancement one.It will no doubt enlarge the size of your penis and reduce premature ejaculation problems.This is because it has Pomegranate extract that increases blood circulation to the penis. I have watched many videos of many men who have used this product before, I found out that most of them had many benefits using the product.

Therefore, users can expect to increase their penis size and maximize sexual performance. Moreover, this supplement is readily available. Secondly, you do not need to obtain a doctor’s prescription or medical examination before using this supplement.Male Extra supplement is manufactured using natural ingredients and this means that it is safe to use. This answers the question “Does Male Extra really work?”Side Effects

The official website of the supplement claims that the product does not have side effects. But that is not true because of the fact that there is no product that is perfect in the world. Therefore, it has minor side effects. Many users complained of a headache while others had slight dehydration.Final verdict

If you are looking for an effective male enlargement product, then Male Extra supplement should be your perfect choice. This is because it is safer and has produced excellent results for many men in the world. Male Extra will no doubt help you achieve maximum sexual performance results than any other product in the market.

12 Week Mastery by Brian P Moran

The 12 Week Mastery is a book by author Brian P. Moran who introduces us a new technique of training, 12 Week Mastery. The program is mainly based on the idea that you can achieve more in 12 weeks than most people do in 12 months. The creators of the program, public speaker, corporate executive and entrepreneur Brian P. Moran and marketing experts Todd Brown and Tom Beal, has been already helping corporations to improve their productivity and increase their income. These experts in business state that you can accomplish many more thigs in 12 weeks then 12 years as 12 weeks is a more predictable period. It is a great opportunity that we will be able to enter into their minds and acquire their way of thinking.

About the Program

In the 12 week course, you learn how to control your time and productivity. You will get to know how to stay under less stress and how to increase your income or profitability. You will acquire techniques on how to set priorities in your daily life and business life. And most importantly, you will learn how to achieve your potential and stop procrastinating. What is good news is that this book have been turned into a course and program. With this course you will learn how to attain the skills that would take your productivity to the next level. This program is going to offer you and your clients a 12 week plan that would throw out every annual plan you made. Do not be afraid that you will not be able to compress everything in 12 weeks. You will have all the focus, clarity and devotion you need. What is best is that this program will also change you point of view towards everything. Therefore you will be getting a brand new lifestyle.

What the Program Includes

With the launch of the program on June 22, you will also be able to take advantage of a special and one time offer and price. Most of you may think the price is somewhat high, but do not worry, it is totally worth it. Here is what you are going to access with this offer:

  • Motivational and educational videos. You may think that the videos are kind of short, do not worry, quality always matters more than quantity. You will see that the videos are full of impressive ideas.
  • You are going to receive the book, The 12 Year Week and old course some other gifts too, like 12 year strategy, score cards and many more.
  • A 12 week year challenge to put you in a competitive spirit and bring out the best in yourself. Of course, it is optional.
  • Access to community of individuals just like you. This will help you get in contact with lots of driven people like you and improve a better way of thinking.
  • 13 weekly training webinars by Brian Moran and Michael Lennington. All these awesome webinars are going to be recorded and stored in case you miss one of them. There will also be a question and answer event.
  • Perhaps the best one, two tickets to the live event that will be held in West Palm Beach later this year. You will have the chance to meet with some of the most forward thinking people in the business life. This will give you a chance to get inspiration from productive and highly motivated individuals.
  • Webinar training from Brian Moran and his colleagues. It is a step by step guide to bring out the most productive and motivated individual in you. You will learn to how to get things done, and how to do them effectively.

Final Verdict

When you think about it, we all have at least once though that we were not making the most of our potential. Thinking constantly about how and why we cannot get up and start actually doing something, not merely thinking about doing it. We are not alone and this process requires some guidance from the more experienced individual out there. Therefor this program would be a great opportunity to stop procrastinating, lay out a logical action plan and learn how to stick to it. This is not limited to a 12 week plan; it is a life changing opportunity.